My name is Alexa, but people call me Lex. This blog was created as an outlet for my crazy creative mind to freely express myself and all my ideas! I have loved every second of this journey thus far and am so blessed to have your support! 

Fun Facts
I've been to 47 cupcake bakeries all over the country.  
I have an unhealthy bulldog obsession. 
I'm a big fan of bottomless mimosas. 
God is so good. 
I used to jump rope competitively.
My family makes my world go round'. 
I still order off the kids menu (if they let me). 
I saved a teeny tiny lost sea turtle in Florida. 
Mac n' cheese all day every day. 
Everything mini. 
Donut you know how much I love donuts. 
Trying to live my life, as a mermaid.
Wine & a good book. 
California Dreamer. 
Disney movie fanatic. 
Miranda Lambert is my homegirl. 
Baking is cheaper than therapy. 
Popcorn & Buncha Crunch..try this combo, thank me later. 
Love being Italian, because I love my carbs. 
Chocolate covered gummy bears, that is all. 
No need for fancy restaurants, Olive Garden is my jam. 
Thrift store hunter. 
Peonies make my heart happy. 
Funfetti birthday cake. 
Charleston lover. 
Friends re-runs all night long. 
I snort when I laugh, no shame here. 
Zingers, those coconut covered twinkies.
 Vintage knick-knack collector.

This love muffin and I have been together for almost 5 years now.

"Do more of what makes you happy" 
"Playing dress up begins at five and never truly ends"
-Kate Spade 


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