Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I said YES to the dress.

I said YES to the dress!! To be honest, it was easy! I saw the dress on and knew it was the right one. I came out to the show room where my mom, grandmother and aunt were all waiting. They all started crying as I twirled around in this beautiful gown....what an magical moment.

Although, it was perfect, I knew the right thing to do was try on a few more just to be sure. I tried on 10 different styled dresses including a princess gown, a beige colored dress, a-line, boho, corset style, sweetheart, lace, straps, no straps, back, open back, long train, short train. Overall, here's what I learned....take shallow breathes because breathing in your wedding dress is completely overrated....and wear lots of deodorant...those dresses are hot!! All jokes aside, this should be an amazing Disney princess-like experience and Love Couture Bridal truly made this happen for me. Linda was my bridal sales consultant and she was wonderful. I told her my style and my budget and she stuck to both! I never felt like I was just another "sale" or that she was trying to push me above my budget. 

In the end, I tried the first dress back on after thinking the other dresses were just, "ok". Linda proceeded with, "are you saying yes to the dress?". I confidently smiled in the mirror and said, "I'm saying YES to the dress". 

If you live in the Maryland/Delaware/Virginia/DC area, stop in to Love Couture Bridal for an experience you will never forget. Check their socials out below!
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What to do after wedding dress all the donuts....because you know that this is the end-all of eating junk food.

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