Tuesday, June 27, 2017

DIY Wedding Signs

 I grew up crafting, my mom is the "Queen B" of crafting...way before Pinterest ever came about! All the teachers wanted, "Mrs. Michelle" in their classroom as the classroom parent...Needless to say, I inherited this trait of hers. Honestly, it's a blessing and a curse! I'm constantly volunteering myself to help out and always end up with my hands full. My mother does the exact same thing...like mother like daughter (insert eye roll emoji here). Other times, it's a blessing...I end up saving myself some money in the long run and always have fun doing it. 

I'm getting married in April of next year and plan on doing several DIY projects to save me some money. I recruited my hunk of a fiancé to help me out and plan on blogging the whole process. These wedding signs are perfect for the signs that hang on the back of your sweetheart chairs, menus or reserved signs for the tables or ceremony chairs. With a little practice, anyone can do this!

What you'll need: 
1x1 Plywood 
Measuring Tape
Sharpie Paint Marker
Bistro Chalk Marker
Paint Brush 
Wood Stain
Krylon Crystal Clear Spray paint
Hand Sander 

First things first, mark your measurements on your piece of wood. For the Better and Together (Mr. & Mrs.) signs I wanted the pieces to be 11 x 14 because that's the size of the our sweetheart chairs. For the reserved signs, I wanted the pieces to be 12 x 15. From that point, I had Rj (the handsome fiancé) cut the pieces and sand them down. 

I stained each piece, waited until they dried and then stained the back. I used Weathered Oak (270) first and then added a little Special Walnut (224) in the end. I waited 24 hours for these to dry before doing anything to them. 

I freehanded this but I would recommend starting out with pencil to outline the letters. I would then trace over them with a Bistro Chalk Marker and top that off with the Sharpie marker..... if you have any mistakes, fix them with a magic eraser before putting the Sharpie paint marker on top. I then sprayed a coat of clear finish on each piece, front and back. I let them dry for 24 hours and then drilled the holes for the ribbon.