Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bridesmaid Proposal.

I've been patiently waiting for the right time to post this and it's been killing me! I had been preparing these boxes for a little over two months and it all started with the beautiful boxes from Sugar Paper La. Those boxes inspired the entire box of goodies inside. I wanted these boxes to reflect my style....and attention to detail was number one on my list. Packaging is everything for me. 

You know that classic saying, "Diamonds are a girls best friend" well for me, it's candy.....and Chick Fil A. Lolli and Pops has everything to satisfy my "kid at heart" personality, so I knew this was first on my list. Champagne gummy bears, need I see more? I used tiny 70 mm x 60mm self-adhesive cellophane bags to separate the jar of gummies and a mini gold heart sticker to add an extra touch. 

I researched wedding bobby pins everywhere and all I found were fancy bobby pins ranging from $60-$100. I wasn't in the market to spend this kind of money on something that could possibly slip out of their hair and may only get worn once. Therefore, I went to Forever 21 and "invested" in these instead. I thought these would be perfect for the theme I'm going for. I dressed up the packaging using white card stock and a Martha Stewart hole punch. 

For this, I recruited the fiancé and I have to say he did an amazing job. It was even his idea to use the dried flowers, I couldn't believe it. I found these test tubes at Michaels for $1.50 a piece and took some epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt and dried roses to create this bath salt soak. I then shredded some white ribbon and tied it to each test tube.

This was one of my favorite pieces of the box. I needed these hair ties to complete the look and Emma did such an amazing job creating them for me. 

I love supporting small businesses; especially Etsy shops…creative entrepreneurs are my favorite! I had the pleasure of collaborating with Emma from Etsy shop Emmaflhair and I was jumping up and down about it. Honestly, where do I begin with this shop…..Emma truly has an eye for detail when it comes to her hair ties. Emma started Emmaflhair back in 2010 when she wanted a change of pace from the corporate world. Now, her shop is published on the Glamour website and she sells her items at retailers all over the United States. She also carries party signs, grab bags, bachelorette party survival kits, hair combs, personalizied bags, stickers and even champagne gummy bears! They’re over 415 different colors and patterns and so many ways to customize each listing. She is extremely helpful and quick to respond, I always recommend her work! Emma has a Spring discount running right now until the end of April, where if you spend $25 you'll get 10 free hair ties with your order. Check out her links for, Facebook Insta and Etsy and show her some support!

These light pink Essie nail polishes in "Tying the Knotie" are not only adorable but the girls now have a color to wear for the big day! I bought these in bulk off of Ebay, making sure I found a reputable seller with lots of positive feedback/reviews. A lot of the wholesale sellers on Ebay are from different countries and can easily scam you so be very careful when you're looking into buying in bulk. Read every review and contact the seller to see what type of response you receive (whether its automated or not). 

Lastly, the cards. I splurged a little on the cards because I knew these were cards that would be kept in keepsake forever. Most of the time I'll do Tj Max cards because you can't beat $1.99, but I wanted this to be a little more unique and intimate. The Matron of Honor cards are from at Etsy seller, Fairmontandgrove (here) who sells absolutely amazing material. The "will you be my bridesmaid" cards come in a pack of ten from Kate Spade (here). 

Assembling the boxes is the best part! I love using crinkle paper as a filler, I got 2 bags of it on Amazon (here). 

My two "Junior" Bridesmaids receiving their boxes, they were ecstatic! 

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