Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Buying on Poshmark 101

I've bought several times on Poshmark, including these beautiful suede Steve Madden pumps below! I love Poshmark for the fact that I can still keep up with the trends but save money at the same time. I have a year full of weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, etc. and it's nice to know that I can afford to buy "new" outfits for these events without breaking the bank. Its super easy to get a great deal, here's how to do it!

I look for consistency with titles, layouts, descriptions and the quality of the pictures. Consistency is something I strive for as a seller because I want my customers to feel like my shop is organized and seamless. I'm likely to click away from a shop if some of pictures are dark and some are light or the titles are chaotic.
Authenticity and Honesty:
If I'm buying an item (designer or not) I like to know everything about it. In my search, I'm looking for "authentic" in the title/description or some form of picture documenting the authenticity. Also, I'm looking for a seller that will describe or photograph any damages the item might have.
Customer Service:
This is huge to me. After working several years at gyms and hair salons, I've realized customer service is key. As a buyer, I look for someone who is quick to respond with any questions I have. I will also go through some of the recent comments from other sellers to see if their questions were answered. This sometimes answers the questions that I may have as well. To me, if the seller does not respond quick/answer questions directly that's a sure sign they will be late on shipment or the package comes "not as pictured". Most importantly, look at the reviews; quality of their service! 
Once you've found an item you'd like to purchase, research it. Find out if you're getting a good deal, considering the quality of the item. I would research via google to see if you the item is available online but I would also check to see if their is another one on Poshmark to compare prices. 
Take advantage of your filters, they're tons of them! 
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-Just in
-Price high-low
-Price low-high
-Price recently dropped
-Type of closet


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