Monday, August 8, 2016

Host your own paint night.

This past week my family and I were on vacation in Sandbridge, VA. This small town was a mini replica of Nags Head in North Carolina, a mixture of old and new homes lining the coast. For the most part, our goal was to relax and drink wine. However, every year we try to do some sort of craft. Being that my grandmother is a very talented painter we thought we'd host our very own paint night. Here's how to host one too….

First, you need donuts…priority, not optional. Remember, this doesn't have to be a huge event , just something small and personal.  It's best to host this type of event after everyone has ate dinner so that donuts and coffee are all you need! 
Second, pick out your painting. Keep in mind, not everyone can paint (including myself) so you'll need something on a beginner level like this one below.

Third, gather your supplies. Find out the size canvas you prefer for your painting. Take advantage of Michaels coupons to get the best deal. Find your color scheme and gather paint accordingly. Make sure everyone has a copy of the painting, a pallet to put there paint in, a brush and a cup of water. Place a roll of paper towels in the center of the table and a lazy susan for the paint display. 

Lastly, have your guests wear suitable clothing if you don't have aprons…because if you're anything like me, you'll have it everywhere! 

Enjoy hosting your very own paint night!

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