Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Finding Joy.

Find joy in those little things. This is honestly the philosophy I live by. If you can't find job in the little things, what can you find joy in? 

Find joy in an all-in-one cleaning basket. Let's be honest here, this makes cleaning look "cute". Now let's be realistic here, I'm probably the only one that can find joy in this. However, I promise if you try this tip, it will limit the chaos under the kitchen sink. 
Find joy in vintage. Whether it be a vintage floor design, an old mail box, window panes, milk crates, old barn doors, etc. Find joy in the stories that these peices have created. 
Find joy in being by yourself whether it be long or short term. Be comfortable with yourself, your mind, your happiness. Swing from a tree swing, read a book, learn the words to your favorite song, bake a dessert (and eat it), try a new recipe, take a walk...they're are endless ways to be comfortable with being by yourself, find joy in that. 
Find joy in long drives and scenic routes. Take the back roads... the windy ones, stop at that country corner store or hat local produce stand. Turn on the music and sing your heart out or turn it off and roll the windows down. 
Find joy in those tiny local boutiques. Walk around, browse the window displays, study the style and creativity. This local boutique located in historic downtown Ellicott City used an old candle as a succulent planter. 
Find joy in your boyfriend (girlfriend, fiancĂ©, wife, husband) bringing you flowers, or something thoughtful. There is no need for an expensive caribbean  vacation to show someone you love them, it's truly the "thought" that counts. 


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