Monday, June 20, 2016



Keep kits to keep organized. I put together this kit above as a fixer-upper drawer for everything you may need in a "fashion emergency" situation. I love having everything accessible in one place. This idea of keeping, "kits" can be used in several different ways. Here are just a few….

Car Kits: 
I love to keep a car kit for emergencies or those, "oops, I forgot" moments. 

-first aid kit
-non-perishable snacks
-glass water bottle 
-jumper cables
-cleaning wipes
-emergency blankets 
-tire pressure test 
-Swiss army knife 
-reusable grocery bags 

Craft Kits:
Ok, so you enjoy making pom-poms for gift toppers, designate a container or basket for just that. This way when you go to wrap presents you just grab your handy dandy all-in-one kit and you're ready to go! 

Mini Emergency Kits: 
Grab a small container and fill it with things you might need in any "mini emergency" situation. The kit should be small enough to keep in your purse. 

-butterfly closures
-band aids
-alcohol prep wipes 
-disposable gloves

Cleaning kits: 
Find yourself a cheap shower caddy in the dorm section of target or Walmart and fill it with cleaning supplies. Buy a shower caddy for each room so that you don't have to go to a centralized location to find your cleaning supplies. 

-cleaning toothbrush
-window cleaner 
-microfiber rag
-surface cleaner 

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