Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Under the Sink Organization.



For starters, like every organizational project, you'll need to take everything out and start fresh. Clean every corner of your space and put in a new cabinet liner. 

The plumbing makes it hard to store items horizontally so the key here is to use your vertical space. Risers are an extremely helpful tool in achieving more vertical space. Risers basically create an imaginary built in shelf. Here, you'll see I was able to have additional storage underneath as well as on top of the riser.

I like using clear containers for items I know I'll eventually have to replace. This is for the obvious reason that I'll be able to see when the item is running low and can add it to my grocery list.

For additional storage, I used these white boxes that fit perfectly in the back.

I found this small white pail from the target dollar section and thought it would be perfect for cleaning toothbrushes. 

I created an area where clean towels could be folded and dirty ones could be tossed. 

Utilize the space on the doors for storage as well. You can use a wire rack from the dollar store to store  aluminum foils, wax paper, etc. On the other side you can place a command hook to hang a pair of cute cleaning gloves. For us, we wanted a chalkboard area to write things like measurements or to display what types of cleaning products you can use on certain surfaces. 

(I just wanted to slip this picture in because my dad is a funny man and insisted he be in my blog.)

The Details:
Wire Baskets (Target Dollar Section)
White Pale (Target Dollar Section)
Small White Boxes (Ikea)
Riser (Ikea-Purchase Here)
Aqua Containers (Target-Purchase Here)
Large White Bin (Ikea)

It helps to stick to a "similar" color palette when your designing your space. This is not for the "trendiness" of the space but for the functionality. As you start adding multiple colors, the area tends to look cluttered again. I hope you try out this project, it literally took me a matter of 15 minutes to create and it was very inexpensive!

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