Tuesday, May 10, 2016

iPhone Organization.

We always rely on our planners and calendars to keep us organized. However, we have the perfect tool at our fingertips all day long. I promise you this doesn't take long and odds are you have some sort of appointment this week, or your in the fast food line at chick fila or maybe your waiting for your clothes to dry. No excuse people. Here's how I stay organized with the handy dandy…iPhone. 

First, like your closet, were going to purge all the useless apps that you haven't used since you got your phone. Once your satisfied with the apps you're left with, were going to categorize them into "like" folders. For example, my social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Youtube are all going into the same folder. I label that folder so that I know the contents of that grouping. I thought I'd share how I grouped my apps and what works for me below. 

The wallpaper is from a blog called Design Love Fest (here). They have hundreds of different FREE options so you can coordinate your lock screen and home screen to match….isn't that what all "normal" people live for!? Hopefully this helped you out a little and helped you create a platform for functionality!! 

Thanks for stopping by!!

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