Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Craft Organization

The before. This part is always my favorite. Every project I take on, I like to take a before picture. This is just a small part of the therapy that getting organized provides.

I picked up these $1 pencil boxes from Target to start organizing my craft supplies and found the perfect size box along the way. This $5 container holds 6 pencil boxes perfectly, bringing this project to a whopping $11. 

Pair like things together or limit yourself to three things per box. Leave room for growth, my collection is always growing so I made sure to have another box handy for certain items that I know I will purchase more of. 

Label your little fingers away. If I could take my label maker places without looking like a complete weirdo, I would. You can never over-label, so go crazy!

Lastly, I purchased one of these "tackle-boxes" from the container store (here) these come in handy for the little odds and ends. 

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