Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hot Cocoa Basket

Do you have a white elephant gift exchange or someone in your office you need to buy for? or maybe your struggling to find something for that special someone? I think anyone can appreciate this hot cocoa basket equipped with lots of chocolate and warm fuzzy socks. I love little gifts like this and I think others appreciate the "little" things too. You can personalize it by getting that person their favorite chocolate bar or DIY-ing their favorite hot cocoa. The possibilites are endless with this $15 hot cocoa basket! I found most of my supplies at Target (who knew!), Michaels craft store, Lolli & Pops and Five & Below. However, if you'd like to create the basket just like mine, scroll below for details :)

You'll Need:
Hot Cocoa (I used Swiss Miss) 
Mason Jar/Milk Jar (Michaels)
Note Card (Michaels)
Pocky Sticks (Five & Below) 
Bag of Chocolates (Target) 
Caramels (Target) 
Marshmallows (Lolli & Pops) 
Peppermint Sticks (Lolli & Pops) 
Chocolate Fortune Cookie (Target)
Crinkle Paper (Michaels)
Cookie Cutter (Michaels)
Basket (Target)
Ribbon (Michaels) 
Plastic Ornaments (Michaels) 
Socks (Old Navy)

I think assembling the basket is pretty self-explanatory, and really just depends on your personal preference. I placed the crinkle paper at the bottom and the bigger items towards the back. I filled the milk jar with 7 hot cocoa packets and placed a note card in the front with directions for the hot cocoa. I filled each ornament with toppings and placed a ribbon on top. I also stuck some ribbon on the front of the basket as well as a cookie cutter. Place all your tiny items towards the front and add your socks :)
Tag pictures to @allthingspandp if you do decide to try it out!!
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