Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cake Stand

This beautiful cake stand was made for under $20. I purchased all of the wood and the candle sticks at Michaels, but any craft store will have something similar. With a few simple steps you can achieve this cake stand for your next get together!!!

You'll need:
Three Pieces of Wood
Wood Glue
White Paint
Sand Paper/Sander 
Poly Acrylic 
Wood Stain 
Two Candle Sticks
Ribbon (optional)
Donuts (required)

Use your wood stain to stain all three pieces of wood and let sit for 24 hours. Use your white paint to cover the wood stain. After the paint is dry, sand down your pieces to achieve a distressed look. Take your candle sticks and use the wood glue to attach each "tier" onto each other. Lay on the poly acrylic to seal the paint, this way its safe to put food on it and clean it as well. The ribbon on top its totally optional, it could always be used for an extra dessert layer. The donuts, however, are not….donuts are always required.

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