Monday, October 19, 2015

Pumpkin Pickin' with my Punkins

This past weekend, my family, Rj and I ventured up to Baugher's Orchards and Farms to pick some pumpkins. We usually do our pumpkin pickin' at Larriland Farms but decided we would try something different this year. I have to say, Baugher's is beautiful and has a lot to offer but the lines were hirendous and everything was pretty spaced out. Larriland has a ton of pumpkins/apple picking and isn't as busy! Oh and did I mention it was freezing!? Supposedly, I was the only one uninformed about how cold it was going to be. When I say cold, I mean it was flurrying at one point…in October!? Really Maryland!? Of course (being the hardhead I am), the only thing I was worried about was wearing my new dress from Dottie Couture boutique (if you haven't checked out their website, do it now…and then come back:). Instead of dwelling on the weather, we grabbed some apple cider and homemade apple cider donuts (que the confetti) and made the best of it. I don't think i've ever picked out pumpkins that fast in my whole life. 
I haven't tried making these apple cider donuts myself, but I did find a recipe that I think seems pretty simple and would pair great with a coffee in the morning. Check the recipe out (here). 

We did have a chance to head to Baughers Restaurant after pumpkin pickin' and were pretty happy with the service and enormous menu selection. I also appreciated the homestyle cooking and the variety of pies by the slice! 
After getting back into the car to the best invention ever, that is, heated seats, I finally smiled. I forgot to realize that through all my complaining, I was with the people I love the most and felt blessed. 

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