Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall/Halloween Mantel

Decorating for the holidays is probably one of my favorite things, ever. I usually plan to have at least half a morning to decorate throughout the house. I go grab a nice big cup of hot coffee or hot cocoa and  put on a seasonal movie/music while doing so. The movie Halloweentown that used to air on the  Disney channel in the 90's is now available On Demand, for free, so needless to say I watched all of them. I think my favorite thing is finding material at the Dollar Tree, Target Dollar Section, Goodwill and things I have lying around the house. I think I like to treat it like a competition in my mind, like "how can I accomplish the cutest decorations by spending the least amount of money." With that being said, I challenge you to try the same thing. Go out and try to find as many items as you can at the cheapest price!! I think you'll find it's pretty easy to accomplish! 
Downstairs in my basement we have this rather large storage room where we hoard everything we've ever owned that were not using at the moment. I can basically go downstairs and shop around for goodies. I know most of you probably have the same thing…go search around in the boxes you have packed away…example, old mirrors. I added some dollar store stickers and I think I achieved a pretty cute halloween decoration. 
 Jars. Jars will be your best friend for every holiday. The "stuff" you put inside the jars can be interchangeable for every season. For example, instead of pumpkins I could have used acorns, wood chips, leaves, etc.
Banners and bunting flags make the sweetest little last minute touches. Search through the internet for your favorite quotes or sayings for that season and get to work with your DIY. 

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