Wednesday, September 9, 2015

DIY Dinner Party

This past weekend my family and I surprised my mom and dad with a dinner party for their 27th anniversary. I love any opportunity I can get to spend time with my family. This little decorated table brought smiles, jokes and full bellies!!

First, figure out what "type" of food you want to serve whether it be Italian, American, Mexican, Chinese, Etc. You'll need to first pick your appetizer or the type of salad you want to serve. Next, you'll need to pick your entrée and make sure you're able to cater to your guests. Lastly, and most importantly, figure out your dessert plans.

The amount of plates you need has to do with how many different types of food you'll be serving. We served salad for starters so we needed to have a salad/appetizer plate. You'll need to have a plate for your entrée and decide whether you want a plate for dessert. Set out utensils wrapped in a napkin/doily  next to each place setting. 

DIY your place setting cards! If you type in "place setting cards" in your pinterest search bar, thousands of different ideas pop up. For these, I started by creating card tents out of white card stock paper. I then took a little bit of watercolor and without any sort of pattern, gave the tents a little color. 

Add vintage touches like mason jars, soda bottles, tin letters, etc. Think outside of the box! Instead of putting your flowers in traditional vases, be creative with it! 

As far as flowers go, let your flowers be the main masterpiece of your tablescape.

Write your menu on a mirror or chalkboard, something that works with the design. 

Add a few personal touches, something that speaks to your guests. 

My all time favorite detail to add, lights. Small tea light candles scattered throughout the table can create those "twinkle" lights used to set the ambiance.

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