Wednesday, September 16, 2015

DIY Coasters

These plain, white .16 cent sample tiles are the most wonderful things you never realized you needed. Have you ever been stressed over that "personal" gift for a friend/family member? Well, look no further. There are so many different ways you can turn these sample tiles into cute, personalized, functional coasters! I've come up with a few ideas below, all under $5! (My goal is always to make them smile, as well as, my pocket) 

For this idea, you'll need some vinyl adhesive paper. I found a few amazing designs at my local craft store and amazon. I placed my plain tile on the vinyl adhesive and measured with a ruler. I then used an exact knife to cut the piece I measured out. I slowly pealed the back of the vinyl off and placed the vinyl onto the tile (I used my finger to smooth out the bubbles). I feel like this design is a really inexpensive Anthropologie knock-off. 

The two ideas below involve a little something called "decoupage". If you haven't used decoupage before, it's a magical glue adhesive that binds your work onto any surface. For the scrapbook paper, and pictures you'll just need to cut out your piece and use a paint brush to paint the decoupage onto your tile. Seal the top with the decoupage as well, this will make sure no liquid will damage the top. I also used a little polyurethane to make sure it was extra protected.   

 **You can either cover the whole surface like I did or do the polaroid look**

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