Monday, October 5, 2015

Two Breakfast Mug Meals

Today, I'm sharing two Breakfast mug meals including a Blueberry Muffin and French Toast. What I love about these, are the portion size. It's all about portion control when your trying to treat yourself, while maintaining your healthy lifestyle (which I've been in a long process of learning). These mug meals, (desserts, if were being honest here) give you that "cheat" feeling, while still maintaining that small portion size. 

Blueberry Muffin 

What you'll need: 
2 T. Butter
1 Egg
1 T. Milk 
1 t. vanilla extract
2 T. brown sugar
4 T. Flour
1/4 t. Cinnamon 
Pinch of Salt
3 T. Blueberries
1/2 t. Sugar 

Start by melting your butter in a microwavable-safe mug. Add your egg, milk and vanilla and whisk them all together. Add sugar, flour, cinnamon and salt and beat again until smooth. Fold in half of the blueberries, leaving the rest to top off with. Now, your ready to microwave. I started mine with 1 minute and then started with 15 second intervals until the top looked to be the right consistency. Top with some whip cream (or vanilla ice-cream if you decide to use as a dessert) and lots of fresh berries….YUM!! My whole family devoted this is seconds, can't wait to make it again!

French Toast 

What you'll need: 
1 Egg
1/2 C. Milk 
1 1/2 T. Sugar
1/4 t. Vanilla 
1/2 t. Cinnamon 
2 C. Bread Cubed 
(I used protein bread so two pieces filled my two cups…this will depend on what type you use) 

Start by taking your egg, milk, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon and whisking it all together. Next, I took two pieces of my bread and cubed them. Take the bread and add it to your liquid mixture. Make sure you really soak each piece with that liquid mixture! You know what to do next, pop it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes depending on your microwave wattage….mine took about 1:40. Top with some syrup/agave/honey and confectioners sugar….ps. a little butter never hurt anyone!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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