Sunday, July 26, 2015

How-to: Movie Night

I put together this retro movie night for my family on vacation...I think you guys will enjoy recreating this one!! All together, I only spent $30 on all the supplies for this fabulous family fun event. My tip for you is to be resourceful. Ask your friends, neighbors, coworkers for supplies when putting on an event like this. I think you’ll find people are more than willing to lend you party supplies, etc. I was even able to find someone that had a movie projector and screen to borrow! You can be totally creative with all the supplies; however, if you want to achieve this exact look, the supplies are listed below.

You’ll Need: 
Projector (ext. cords  & sound source) 
Movie Screen/Sheet
Mini Mason Jars
Tea Light Candles 
Apothecary Jars 
Chicken Wire Basket 
Berry Baskets*
Basket Liners 
Chalkboard Signs 
White Tray 
Burlap Table Cloth
Coca Cola Crate 
Tin Cans (I emptied out a canned vegetable) 
Fabric Garland***
Brown Popcorn Bags (I used alphabet stamps to add detail)
Acrylic Scoops
Candy (bulk) 
Mini Variety Candy Bars
Popcorn (obviously) 

*The berry baskets are from a site on Etsy called, CM Wrap n' Ship Supply. The shop carries a large variety of fun supplies from movie tickets, jewelry boxes, berry baskets to library cards. The owner was a joy to work with, she responded quickly and delivered quickly as well!

**The movie tickets are from a site on Etsy called, Sweet Party Shop. She carries everything from die cuts, stickers, twine to ice-cream name it really!! Stop by her shop for last minute party supply necessities! 

***Fabric Garland: I went to Joann Fabrics, picked out my color theme and got the lady to cut a half a yard of each color. I didn’t measure out the cuts, I just free handed the length I wanted for the strips. You’ll need to have a piece of rope, ribbon or string to tie your fabric strips onto. Cut all your strips, make piles of each color and simply start tying your pieces onto the string. I used the pull-through technique! 

My best friend runs her own business called, Homemade Bride. Her site (here) has over 100 rentals to choose from.  If you have a vintage/retro taste, you’ll be in love with all her rentals!! I used a few of her apothecary jars and the coca cola crate to finish off the table.

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