Tuesday, June 16, 2015

DIY: Picnic

Looking for an easy, cheap date idea!? I have your answer. Follow below for how to create the perfect creative picnic date:) 

Things you'll need:
Containers (found mine here)
I use the containers for dry foods like trail mix/crackers/nuts, etc. 
Mason Jars 
These are perfect for salads...just keep the dressing on the side.
Portion Bags
I use these for salad toppings and dry fruits!
Use tupperware for food you need to keep sealed, fruit/veggies, etc. 
Deli Paper
I use these to wrap my sandwiches in and tie off with a little bakers twine. 
Old fashioned Soda Pop & Water 
I love adding an old fashioned soda pop in my picnic basket! Make sure to also bring water for those hot days! 
Straws & Cutlery
I purchased the cute straws at IKEA (here) & the cutlery (here).  Place a napkin under the cutlery and tie with bakers twine. 
Picnic Blanket
I place an old tarp on the ground first and then put down my picnic blanket so it doesn't get destroyed. Polaroid
I love my polaroid and am so happy I invested in it! If you've thought about purchasing one…do it! 
Scrapbook Paper & Washi Tape 
I only used one piece of scrapbook paper for all of my labels. Cut your labels and place on each of your picnic essentials with a little washi tape…super simple. 

As you can see, most of these are self-explanatory but may have given you new ideas. Be creative with your picnic date:) 

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