Monday, May 18, 2015

DIY: Wildflower Centerpieces

You'll need:
Wooden Boxes (Etsy) 
Wildflowers (Hobby Lobby) 
Mission Oak Wood Stain
Chalkboard Signs (Hobby Lobby)
White Paint 
Sponge Brush 
Chalkboard Marker 

My mom and I found these perfect unfinished wooden boxes from an Etsy Shop called, TheSawShack.  The owners of this little Etsy shop were quick to respond and very accommodating. In fact, we received them sooner than we anticipated in two big neatly packed boxes (the OCD inside me was so excited!). I highly recommend their workmanship if you're looking for the rustic/country theme. Follow below to find out how we achieved the finished product! 

Paint each centerpiece with the Mission Oak Wood stain using a sponge brush. Let that sit for at least 24-48 hours. 

Take your white paint, wipe it onto the wood with a damp rag and then wipe most it off with another damp rag. It shouldn't look perfect and neither of them will look exactly the same, but that's what you want to achieve!! 

I used a chalkboard marker to write on all the chalkboard signs….so much easier than using chalk and it doesn't wipe off if rubbed up against something. We slipped the chalkboard sign right onto one of the flowers and stuck our arrangement into the box. After we were satisfied with our arrangement we stuck a little moss on the top and we were done! Ps. Can you believe these are "fake" wild flowers!? Fake flowers have really done a 360 from the old silk flowers! 

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