Wednesday, May 6, 2015

DIY: Mothers Day Gifts & Ideas

Four super affordable, easy Mother's Day Gifts. Scroll below to check them out :)

Watermelon Welcome Mat

You'll need:
Mat (I bought mine here)
Acrylic paint (green, pink, black & white)
Painters Tape
Sponge Brush

This cute spring welcome mat brings new life to your front door, any mom will love this creative idea! 
This project is super inexpensive but just a little time consuming…grab your coffee and get to work! First you'll want to place your painters tape onto the mat to mark off where you want your green paint. Start with the sponge brush and then use the paintbrush to fill in the spaces the sponge brush can't get too. After the green has dried, use the tape to create the white line and then fill in the large space with the pink. 

House Number 

You'll need:
Fake Grass (Target $1 section) 
Numbers (Michaels 
Shadow Box 
Hot Glue 
White Acrylic Paint 

This is one of those things mom has on her DIY list but would never have time to do…so were doing it for her. Find an inexpensive shadow box from your local craft store and take the glass out so your just left with the add-on frame inserts. Use your hot glue to glue the fake grass onto the backing of the shadow box frame. Paint your numbers with acrylic paint and hot glue them onto the fake grass….took me minutes! 

Fake Flower Gift Idea

Ikea Pots 
Ikea Fake Flowers

This is a quick idea for all the moms that just don't have time to keep plants alive….or all of those that just weren't born with a green thumb. Ikea sells these adorable fake flowers and colorful pots/tins for less than $5. Add some ribbon and a sticker and your done….gotta love these no-hassle gifts! 

Personalized Chocolate Card

You'll need: 
Candy Melts
Candy Boxes
Alphabet Mold
Cupcake liners 
Plastic Bag
Ribbon & Washi Tape  

For obvious reasons, this is my favorite gift idea. Start off by taking a plastic ziplock bag and snip off a small hole on the corner, this will make your life easier when your pouring the chocolate into the mold.  Melt your chocolate and place some sprinkles in the bottom of the candy mold. Pipe the chocolate into the mold and place in the fridge for 10-15 minutes. Add some crinkle paper to the bottom of your gift box so that your cupcake liners don't look lost at the bottom of the box. Add your chocolate letters to your individual cupcake liners. Personalize the gift box with washi tape and ribbon and place in the fridge until mothers day! 


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