Thursday, May 21, 2015

Closet Organization Tips

If your anything like me, organizing and cleaning is a stress reliever. It is so nice to see the finished product and feel productive. I came home from work to find my whole closet..on the floor. Although, it wasn't the "organizing" I love to do, it gave me the chance to start over and follow DIY tips on pinterest. Scroll below to see the finished product and DIY tips I've used to get it back into tip-top shape. 


Where do I even begin!? I feel like that's the first question that comes to mind when you have a ton of clutter, you feel lost right? Well my tip for you would be to work with the small piles first. I went through each individual box/bag/small pile of junk that surrounded me. It was easy for me to go through each small pile and sort what was trash, keepsake or something I could take to goodwill. 

Finally I got to the bottom of the pile, cleaned everything out and did some sweeping (sigh of relief). Start with some basics, throw out your old plastic hangers and invest in some heavy duty ones or velour hangers. Try to stick to one color, I find it's easier to see my clothes that way…instead of seeing an array of different colored hangers. 

I found these black velour hangers for $10 for a pack of 35 at Costco. If you can't find them at your local Costco, try to order them in bulk on Amazon or look out for them at HomeGoods, TJ Max or Marshalls. After all your new hangers are in place, grab all your clothes that your not wearing at the time (winter/summer clothes depending on the season) and neatly fold them in a clear container for storage. 

I bought these plastic shower rings from my local Target for less than $2. These work perfectly for belts and scarves as you can see. 

Use a container to organize your bags from largest to smallest. This makes it easier for you when you want to grab a small clutch or a weekender size bag. 

Color coding, color coding, color coding, I can't say it enough. This easy concept has been such a huge help in my life. Other than the fact that it makes it easier to find a certain piece, it also gives your closet a uniform feeling. 

Have you invested in a trusty label maker!? It will literally be the best investment you have ever made. I label everything in my bedroom/bathroom/kitchen cabinets.


Ta-da! The "after" product. As you can see I kept my shoe stand because it's extremely helpful in organizing everyday shoes and heels. I have a closet door hanger for robes and put all my hats on a shelf to prevent them from loosing their shape. I keep one box on the shelf for keepsakes and electronic boxes (camera, laptop, cell phone, etc.). I also keep extra hangers just in case I want to expand my closet with more clothes (even if I don't really need them)!

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