Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Dirt Cups & Bunny Butts

Dirt Cake: 
Follow Link (here)
Orange Candy Melts
Cupcake Liners 
Clay Pots 
Ziplock Bag
Wilton Frosting Tip #3

"De-pot" your Oreos and use a chopper to chop into fine crumbs.

Line the clay pots with cupcakes liners and layer your pudding/oreo crumbs. 

Melt the orange chocolate melts and dip your strawberries…make sure you leave the stems out. After letting the chocolate dry take a ziplock bag, cut a tiny corner off one of the edges and place your icing tip inside. I put a small amount of the melted chocolate in the ziplock bag and used a "zig-zag" technique. 

Ok but seriously, how cute are these!? 

You'll need:
Cupcake Liners
Fondant Recipe (here)
Wilton Icing Gel in Leaf Green 
Wilton Grass Icing Tip 
Wilton Icing Bag
Cupcake Mix Recipe (here)
Cupcake Icing Recipe (here)

Make your cupcakes using the links above and while their baking, make your icing and fondant. Add your wilton green gel and use your grass icing tip to create the "grass" look. 

Fondant How-To: 
The fondant is definitely the most intimidating part, but don't worry…. I made mistakes for you so that you could make this fondant, hassle-free!!!  I found that the two most important parts in making your fondant is first, adding enough powdered sugar and second, keeping your fondant in the refrigerator to firm up. If you've added enough powdered sugar your fondant should not be sticky….if it is a little bit sticky add a little bit more sugar and refrigerate. After these simple steps, your fondant should be easy to form and ready to shape! I created these little bunnies by rolling the fondant into circles for both the body and the bunny butt….the legs were also made by rolling the fondant into circles but flattening them out and curling the edges. I took the bunny butt and rolled it into a bowl full of white sprinkles and then added a little bit of pink dye to the fondant for the feet. 

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