Wednesday, March 11, 2015

DIY: In-Home Movie Night

My family and boyfriend love to stay in a watch movies, eat popcorn and….a little junk (once in a while). I set up this in-home movie night tray for all of those that like myself, would rather stay in pjs on the couch for the night. I love that this is such a simple idea but gets everyone super excited without giving your arm or leg to the movie theatre for tickets, popcorn and candy! 

Now that I've convinced you to stay home in your pjs for the night let's get started. I'm sure you've all been to the target candy isle once or twice in your lifetime so you know they have this whole section of candy for $1…..pick one, two, or maybe three packs of your favorite candy. Grab a bag of skinny pop or boom chicka pop, let's make it a little healthy before we drizzle chocolate on top. Which brings me to the next necessity, chocolate….any kind of chocolate. I also grabbed some vintage coke bottles because what's a "cheat" night without them. Lastly, I grabbed some $5 movies and got out of Target with a pretty cheap movie night. 

I gathered the prettiest bowls/containers from around my house (I'm a pretty bowls/containers hoarder). I had the acrylic popcorn bowls but I know Hobby Lobby still carries them! I used gold stickers to add a little detail and pretty napkins to line the tray and inside of the popcorn containers. I got the squirty tube (for lack of a better word) from Michaels and used that to drizzle my white chocolate onto my popcorn. 

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