Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Guide-To Charleston

Let's talk about this weekend from the colorful houses, to the grits, to the world famous pralines. I have got you covered on all the details from foods, fabulous sceneries, mini road trips, shopping and of course desserts (my speciality). Being that I am quite the researcher when it comes to new places, I have just about thought of every detail when it came to this trip so that when you visit…your all set!! 

Ps. If your thinking about visiting, you should. If you should have questions about where to stay please feel free to email me, our place couldn't have been more perfect!! 

Exploring the town:
The collages above and below capture all my favorite places to explore in Charleston. Without even spending money, you can visit all these beautiful places. I found myself just snapping pictures of all the houses because each was so different, colorful, historic and architecturally gorgeous. 

-Rainbow Row 
-The Palmer House
-The Angle Oak Tree
-Pineapple Fountain at Waterfront Park
-Canoes at Cypress Gardens
-American Theatre (The Notebook) 
-The Starbucks on Calhoun (cute little house) 
-Charleston University Campus 
-Magnolia Plantation
-Boone Hall Plantation (Ally's house in The Notebook) 
-Martins Point Plantation (The Notebook House) 
-Kitchen 208 (affordable and quick breakfast, try the Plantation Waffle!)
-Hominy Grill (affordable Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) 
-Sticky Fingers (cheap, barbecue style & try the Southern Peach drink, infused with their own moonshine)
-Bocci's Italian Restaurant (semi-expensive romantic night out….true tuscan dinner, try the homemade manicotti!)
-Brown Dog Deli (try the apple "butter" jeans speciality sandwich, still drooling over it!) 
-Boxcar Betty's (home of the chicken sandwiches!)
-Taco Boy (fun, colorful atmosphere, obviously amazing tacos) 
-Early Bird Diner (the amazing fried chicken and waffle breakfast platter)  

-King St. (mixture of high end & affordable shopping strip mall) 
-City Market (homemade affordable crafts & souvenirs) 

The good stuff:
-Kaminsky's Baking Co. (an after-dinner restaurant serving only desserts and dessert drinks, come on people!)
-Sugar Bakeshop (from cupcakes to homemade poptarts) 
-Market Street Sweets (World Famous Pralines, this was a first for me and when I say they were the most amazing treat I've ever tasted, I'm totally telling the need this in your life) 
-Moon Pie General Store (this is where they all started, come in every flavor  you can imagine!)
-King St. Cookies (they even have a praline flavored cookie!)
-Callie's Hot Little Biscuit (this can be a breakfast restaurant or a dessert restaurant….get a hot breakfast biscuit with bacon and egg or a biscuit with homemade cinnamon butter & HLB is open till 2 pm on Friday's and Saturday's) 
Folly Beach:
-Folly Pier (tons of starfish!)
-Colorful beach houses
-Lost Dog Cafe (fun atmosphere, great food)
-Beach shops & Surf shops 
-Bowens Island Restaurant (affordable & Dear John was filmed here)

Welcome to the south where tea is sweet & accents are sweeter. Summer starts in april & macaroni and cheese is a vegetable. Front porches are wide & words are long. Pecan pie is a staple. Y'all is the only proper noun. Chicken is fried and biscuits come with gravy. Everything's darlin' and someone's heart is always being blessed! 

Thanks for stopping by!!

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