Friday, February 13, 2015

DIY: Valentines Day Gift Boxes

These Valentines Day gift boxes will make everyone on your vday list smile this year. They can be cheap and as personable as you want them to be. You can pick a theme, like movie night or you can just fill with lots of pink and red goodies. You can also customize the box to fit that person's personality   or pick out their favorite candies! I've collected lots of materials over the years but I think the materials that helped me most when creating these boxes are crinkle paper, twine, tulle, tags, washi tape and clear/decorative bags. Obviously, hit your local target for the Valentines Day treats. Try getting the family size bags of candy so that you can evenly split the candy, it's cheaper this way. 

I always have decorative bags, plastic bags or paper bags on handy. I collect things so that when I need them, I don't have to go far (my closet). If you have family size bags of candy, this is an easy way to divide everything style. 

Here's a little DIY hint, if you ever go into your local wegmans/whole foods you'll see these eco-friendly food containers in the food bar….don't be afraid to take one (or two)…there free! Most people pick one up and decide they don't want it and randomly place it somewhere around the store…at least I'm getting use out of it! Rant, over. Anyway, these containers make the perfect little gift boxes and they come in two different sizes! The small white container comes from Shop Sweet Lulu (here).

Another little tip for creating these gift boxes is to fill the bottom with crinkle paper. This helps to create a little cushion so that whatever you put in the box, doesn't fall over (and of course it looks pretty). 

Instead of keeping the original packaging, I like to transfer the goodies into a cute little gift bag. The details are the best part in a homemade gift. 

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Happy Valentines Day!! 

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