Monday, January 5, 2015

Squishy-face Meetup

I thought I would start something knew and add a "lifestyle" section to my blog. I am so inspired by other bloggers starting this "lifestyle" trend. There is something about seeing other people's adventures/traditions/daily life that gets me motivated to go out and do things. I hope this section in my blog will do exactly that for some of you. In the past I have blogged about going to New York City or Georgetown and I'm hoping to just keep this going. It's always nice to see reviews on things, or places to go when your in a different area or even things to do around your own town. Moving on, I will frequently post things like this along with my other DIY, recipe and fashion posts. 

If you follow me on instagram (@allthingspandp), you would see I'm slightly obsessed with my english bulldog, Cali. Cali is about about 13 months old now and loves to play with other dogs. Although, other dogs don't understand her squishy face "type". So, Rj and I decided we would start searching around for bulldog meet ups. We came across three different meet ups all within 30 miles from us. We thought, "ok people actually do this, were not all that crazy" (or are we). December came rolling around and we gathered our little meatball, dog wipes (yes, we wipe her butt…and yes, we know what your thinking), treats (because she won't listen otherwise) and water (because she's a bulldog, the girl can't breathe). She had a blast and it was refreshing to see her with dogs that could tolerate her playfulness and super strange behaviors. We were able to talk to other owners and get some advice on training, while soon finding out that we're SOL. I must say it was nice to be reassured that all bulldogs are the same, stubborn and selective. We're excited to go to the next bully meet up and continue meeting new people and new bullies. 

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