Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Three DIY Christmas Garlands

Today were making noodle garland, pom pom garland and popcorn garland. So you'll need: 
-Farfalle Pasta 
-Hot glue gun
-Needle and thread
-Bakers Twine 
-Gold spray paint 

For the Pom-Pom garland start by taking an over sized needle and bakers twine. All you need to do is thread the bakers twine through the pom-poms. 

The popcorn garland is similar to the pom-pom garland you'll just need to use a smaller needle because you'll be using thread instead of bakers twine. 

For this bow tie garland you'll need to start by spray painting the pasta. After the pasta has dried, lay out your bakers twine and hot glue the pasta a few inches apart from eachother. 

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