Thursday, December 4, 2014

DIY Coffee Cup Stencils

These are adorable little presents to hang on the outside of a jar full of hot cocoa ingredients…everyone 
loves hot cocoa!! 

What you need: 
-Stencil Paper
-Exacto Knife
-Print out your stencils 
-Hard surface 
-Hard Surface 
-Coin/Button to act as a handle when tracing 

Start by tracing your coffee cup, along with a smaller item (like a button) for the handle of the stencil. Cut out your stencil. 

Place your stencil on a hard surface and tape your design on top. Use your exact knife to cut out the design…this requires a little bit of patience but once your done you can keep them forever! 

Use whip cream to be your base, or use milk foam (this works better because you get more of a flat surface to work with!) Place your stencil on top and add your favorite topping!! 

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