Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hello Luscious Lips.

Ok ladies, I think we all know how terrible those chapped lips are during the winter time. Not only do they feel irritated but you become self conscious about they way they look. I've tried multiple remedies in the past few years and combined the ones that I've found to work the best. I hope one or two…or maybe all three remedies work for you….say goodbye to those crusty old chapped lips! 

Step One: Exfoliate 

Meet your first life savor. Baby Toothbrush. 
(getting to pick your favorite Disney character makes it even better!) 
Because of the gentle bristles these baby toothbrushes have, you can use this to exfoliate your lips. This requires you to wet your lips and move the toothbrush around in gentle circles. If you want to exfoliate a little more you can use a LUSH sugar scrub (here), dropping a small amount on the toothbrush. I absolutely love these sugar scrubs AND you can lick them off after your done…Mint Julip is my personal favorite but they also have Bubblegum and Popcorn!

Step Two: Create a mask

Take equal parts honey and olive oil to create a quick lip mask. I use a cheap Elf Cosmetics lip brush to gently pat the mixture on and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Using a warm wash cloth I gently take off the mask. This leaves your lips silky smooth and ready for a moisturizer.

Step Three: Moisturizer

I use several moisturizer depending on what I'm going to do after going through each step. If I am going to bed I will put on LUSH Honey Trap lip balm (here) or C.O Bigelow Rose Salve (here). If I'm going out for the day I'll put on a MAC lip conditioner and lip tint or you could use one of the Fresh products from Sephora (here).

These steps are something you do once a week, not everyday. Over exfoliating your lips can also make your lips more dry and chapped. Make sure to drink more water to hydrate your lips, take your vitamins and NEVER lick your lips. 

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