Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DIY: S'mores Bar

I love the idea of having your own s'mores bar for guests. Guests can take their own tin or use the family size tin!! I also enjoy making the nostalgic simple crowd pleasers, look like an expensive gourmet dessert. The white theme I have going on here really helps to achieve that look....check out the details below on how to make your own, there's really not much to it!! 

What you'll need: 
-Tins (Target Dollar Section)
-White Spray Paint (Home Depot)
-Gravel Pebbles (Home Depot)
-S'mores Components (Add different types of chocolate if you'd like!) 
-Roasting Sticks (Target) 
-Apothecary Jars & Milk Jars 
-Fuel Warmers (Party City)

How to: 
Take those ordinary silver tins and spray them white...add your gravel and fuel warmers. Assemble your table with milk jars and apothecary jars for graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolates. Light your fuel warmers and let your guests enjoy!! 

PS: Thanks to Sandlot, we all know how to assemble the perfect S'more: 
 "First you take the graham, you stick the chocolate on the graham, then you roast the mallow, when the mallow's flamin', you stick it on the chocolate, then you cover it with the other end, then you scarf"

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