Friday, October 10, 2014

Girls Night: Halloween Edition

Who says kids get to have all the fun!? Why not gather a few of your girlfriends and have yourself a halloween party filled with cocktails, halloween classics and candy, of course. Let me show you how it's done..

Start by gathering different types of bowls, milk glass, glass, plastic and make sure to incorporate a variety of sizes and heights. I have also incorporated different colors as well. 

Gather up you favorite nostalgic halloween candy...I found a few candy stores but also went to target and found a decent selection there as well. The mini acrylic scoops are from the container store, (here) they work perfect for any candy buffet. 

This is defiantly my favorite idea for a "goodie bag" Chinese take-out boxes are both afforadable and adorable! They can be found here (here). I used orange scrapbook paper and a round scalloped paper cutter to make the tags, adding my own personal hand-written calligraphy (I cheated!). I found the ribbon at Michaels and the tiny creatures at the dollar store...with a little gold spray paint they added an accessory to my boxes.

I thought skeleton ice cubes with a tint of red food color would add the perfect touch to my big girl "cocktails". By"cocktails", I just mean blood red sangria that I made in a previous post (here) (I froze it over night...this makes the sangria a little more powerful!). I topped the "cocktails"off with an orange straw and hot glued a glittery spider.

You see the tiny gold frames? Found these babies at Michaels for $1.50 in their "dollar section". I also used my personal hand written calligraphy once again to add a little bit of a feminine/creative touch. 

You can't celebrate without those classic halloween movies. 

I bought some ghost themed plastic bags (here) to line all the boxes with so that the chocolate doesn't melt all over the inside...and also to keep your candy fresher longer!!! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and are inspired to have a party as well!!
Thanks for stopping by! 

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