Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Five Fab Favorites

If you haven't been introduced to The Mason Bar Company already, I'm helping you out now. This company sells all different size mason jars as well as accessories. I like to think this makes drinking water, fun. 

1. These fancy vinyl cuffs will keep your hands warm when it's cold and also come with a fancy monogram! (here)
2. You know how the reusable straws trap water inside and grow bacteria? Well now you can keep your straws and grow your collection! (here)
3. I love these colorful interchangeable lids (here) to make your day just a little more special. 
4. After you pick your lid, shop the straw collection to find one that coordinates! (here)
5. Lastly, the most important part...choose between three different sized mason jars! (here)

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