Monday, September 8, 2014

Diy: Dreamcatcher

You'll need:
Craft Hoop 
Leather Wrap
White String 
Glue Gun
Variety of different ribbons

For this project, you'll need to start by covering your craft hoop in the leather wrap. Although this is time consuming, it's super easy. Create a starting point on the hoop, add a little bit of hot glue and then proceed to wrap the rest of the leather around the other side.  

After you've finished wrapping the leather around the hoop, just hot glue it and cut the excess off.

Next, you'll need to get your doily and white string. Start by stringing your white string through the doily and around the hoop. Basically, it's like hand stitching something but way less complicated (because I can't handle complicated!).

Once the doily is fully attached to the hoop, tie it off.

I also took a tiny piece of the leather wrap to create a loop to hang it above my bed. 

Here's the fun part...lay out your ribbons/sequins/fabric pieces the way you want them to hang on your dreamcatcher. Decide if you want them to coordinate from side to side or you want them to be mismatched...this is the part where you can be creative and make your dreamcatcher your own. Once your satisfied, hot glue them on!

*A dreamcatcher is meant to trap bad dreams within the net and let good dreams pass through and fall onto the sleeping person.*

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