Thursday, February 27, 2014

Something New.

I wanted to start something new on my blog, just to keep it fresh and interesting. I decided I would blog about my day/weekend trips with my boyfriend, Cali, family and friends, I'll call this my "lifestyle" tab.  I will make sure to point out cute boutiques I find traveling around, fun places to eat and of course the cupcake shops I come across (because I can scope one out everywhere I go, I pride myself on this ability). Today, our day trip is to Georgetown, a historic, quaint town on the outskirts of busy Washington, DC, full of unique shops, entertainment and restaurants. 

Sprinkles Cupcakes is by far my FAVORITE cupcake shop out of all 40 I've been to. Yes, I said it, 40 cupcake shops! I want to say my cupcake obsession started when I was in high school. My mom and I bonded through scoping out cupcake shops all over the place. Everytime we traveled, we would map out cupcake places near by (suprisingly we even found some in "sketchy" areas)....but that never stopped us from getting our cupcakes! I think it's safe to say were "cupcake connoisseurs" and it's some sort of sweet/sick obsession! 

Sprinkles Cupcakes are moist and dense. Sprinkles is defintely not skimpy about their icing and it's not overwhelmingly sweet (even though I'm all about that). The milk chocolate top with vanilla bottom and the classic red velvet are my favorite. If your a red velvet person, this is just about the best you'll get. The store itself is precious and the packaging is simple, but sweet. Sprinkles Cupcakes, I give you a 10! 

(PS. Did you know Sprinkles Cupcakes was the very first cupcake-only shop??) 

 DC Cupcakes, right in the town where it all started. I have to give it to DC Cupcakes for their simple logo, pink boxes and signature swirl. If you've watched the show, the signature swirl is not an easy skill to perfect, it takes just the right amount of pressure and swirl! The cupcake bottoms are moist but not as dense as Sprinkles Cupcakes and certainly not as heavy. Most of their cupcakes have a light, fluffy cream cheese buttercream on top, which is absolutely to die for. My two favorite cupcakes are the vanilla birthday and their most popular flavor, red velvet. DC Cupcakes, I give you an 8! 

Baked & Wired is around the corner from Sprinkles Cupcakes. This place is like the best-kept secret in Georgetown. I absolutely love how eccentric and unique this little coffee/bakery shop is. All of the signs are homemade, the cupcake names are made up and there's a wall full of napkins with doodles. You can grab a cupcake/baked item at the "baked bar" and then grab a popular chaider drink to go. The cupcakes are huge so it actually makes sense that each cupcake is $3.75. There are 20 different flavors, each are so different and available everyday...give it a try you won't be disappointed! Baked & Wired, I give you an 7!

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