Monday, February 17, 2014

5 Things to try this spring.

It's always great to try different things, travel to new places and explore new hobbies. I've listed in 10 different things that I want to try this spring and I hope you'll find an interest in some of them. Leave a comment below telling me what your planning to try and if you have one of these, below, on your to-do list. 

Learn Calligraphy:
This is something I have always wanted to accomplish. The art of calligraphy is such a useful talent to have if you have that creative mind like myself. Calligraphy comes in handy for thank you cards, invitations and writing cute love notes for your loved ones to be left on the nightstand. 

Wine and Canvas: 
Have you heard of this? Learning to paint and drinking wine with friends while doing so? I can't wait to grab some friends, wine and learn how to paint a beautiful canvas for a print wall. The best part is you don't have to know how to paint at all, the instructors will teach you everything you need to know (while drinking).

Hip-Hop Class: 
Grab a girlfriend, your dancin' shoes and explore your dirty dancing side.

A New Meal: 
Try picking out a new meal to make for dinner....get away from the plain everyday meals, maybe try a roasted garlic chicken and herb pizza! (here)

Family Room Date Night: 
Turn your family room into a blanket fort, have chinese delivered, grab a bowl of popcorn and rent a movie you've been wanting to see....the perfect affordable date. 

Day Trip: 
Take a day trip somewhere, whether it's a beach, quaint town, winery, park, zoo, museum, skiing/snowboarding, wherever your little heart desires. 

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