Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Years!! Quick last minute ideas!

Are you panicking about what your bringing to a party or what your serving at your party tonight ??? Well here are two easy recipes to try! 
The first recipe is an easy, cheap parfait dessert.
You'll need: 
Box of strawberries
Heavy whipping cream 
Pound cake/Angel food cake 
Bowls/Parfait Cups 

 Start by cutting all the strawberries into tiny pieces. 
 Wisk the whipping cream until it becomes a thick "whipped-like" consistency (you may need to have some muscular helpers around to do this!)  
 Crumble the pound cake into the bottom of the parfait bowl, add the whipping cream followed by the strawberries...continue to layer in this pattern until you've reached the top of the bowl. 
Easy right? Now let's make a drink to bring along! 

The next recipe I am sharing with you is a red sangria punch bowl.
You'll need: 
2 bottles of Boordy VivaSangria 
2 apples
2 oranges
2 limes 
10 strawberries 

 Cut up all your fruit, including the strawberries. 
 Pour the sangria into a large punch bowl and add the fruit. Let the sangria chill for about three hours!

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