Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 5: DIY Tea Cup Candles

You'll need:
Zinc Core Wire Wicks- Michaels
2 pens & 2 ponytails in order to stabilize wick 
Old candles 
A microwave safe mug to melt wax 
Tea cups- Thrift store 

Stabilize the wick by placing it in between two pens and by using ponytails to keep them together. 

Crush up some old candles, I used the mini candles from bath and body works, they were the perfect amount for my tea cups. I placed the crushed candle shavings into a microwave-safe mug and put it in the microwave for about 1:30. 

Let the wax cool for about a half hour before taking the pens off the wick. 

 Cut your wick down. 

Wrap with colorful tool, use labels with washi tape and attach with twine...the perfect gift for those important people in your life! 

I have to say, I expected this project to be really difficult, especially when I heard "melting wax"....I thought, "that's just an accident waiting to happen!" However, this project turned out to be super easy and took about a half hour to make! 

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