Tuesday, November 12, 2013

DIY: Terrarium

This project was so much fun and easy to do! I have to say it wasn't the cheapest project I've done, HOWEVER...these make wonderful Christmas presents! I made two terrariums without putting a dent in any of the materials....the only thing you would have to re-purchase would be the succulents and the jars! 
Materials you'll need:
1. Cactus, Palm & Citrus Potting Mix (Home Depot)
2. Activated Charcoal (Home Depot)
3. Decorative Rocks (Michaels-use mobile coupons!)
3. Spanish Moss/Moss (Michaels-use mobile coupons!)
4. Jars (Michaels-use mobile coupons!)
5. Succulents/Cactus (Home Depot

1. Start with a clean surface.
2. Add rocks first, this will act as your drainage system.
3. Add activated charcoal, this will keep your succulents happy and healthy.
4. Add potting mix.
5. Yay, succulent time! Try sticking the larger succulents toward the back of the jar.
6. Add decorate rocks on top. 
7. Add moss.

Voila! These terrariums are great for bookcase styling!

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