Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DIY Fall Centerpiece


-Tiny Pumpkin
-Gold Spray Paint
-Hurricane Glass
-Tealight Candle
-Candy Corn 

Spray paint the entire pumpkin, no priming needed! 

Add some glitter to the fresh spray paint, because why not!!

Cut a whole in the pumpkin that will fit a tea light candle and spoon out the you can see the spray paint came off as I was holding it so it would make more sense to do this before spray painting or just let it dry completely (no stickiness), I'm just very impatient! ...unfortunately, I like to learn the hard way!

There are plenty of hurricane vases at target and at your local craft stores, use your mobile coupons to get a discount! 

Now just fill your vase with candy corn, add your tea-light candle to the pumpkin, place the pumpkin on top of the candy corn, light the candle and enjoy! 

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