Sunday, October 13, 2013

Caramel Apples

This recipe is super easy and so much fun do for a fall/halloween themed party! 
You'll need:
-Kraft Caramel Chews 
-Apples (I used red delicious apples and only covered three apples with one bag of caramel chews)
-Striped Straws 
-Tablespoon of water
-Microwavable safe bowl 

Wash the apples thoroughly with hot water to remove the wax layer so the caramel will stick better. 

Remove the stems and stick the straws right into the center of the apple. If you have trouble with this step, first use a wooden skewer or something similar to create a hole for the straw.

Unwrap all the caramels and dump them into a microwavable safe bowl. 
(If you squeeze the sides of the caramel chews the wrapper comes off much easier!)

Add a tablespoon of water to the bowl of caramels. 

Get a plate ready for the apples...spray the plate with pam or canola oil to prevent the caramel from sticking to the plate. 

Microwave the caramels for 2 1/2 minutes...taking it out every minute to stir the caramel around. 

Hold the bowl at an angle and dip your apple into the caramel. 

DO NOT TOUCH THE CARAMEL LIKE I DID! Needless to say, I burnt my finger pretty bad! Simply twist the apple back and forth to remove some of the excess on the bottom of the apple. Also, if you'd like to add an extra something to your apples..quickly dip the bottom of the apple in sprinkles before the caramel hardens....a cute bow also does the trick! 

 And there you have it! Delicious caramel apples! Hope you enjoyed this recipe, stick around for more fall themed desserts coming soon! 

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