Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to style a bar cart.

 Have a party coming up? Bridal shower to host? Had a rough day? Look no further, your bar cart stylist is here!

I had been searching for bar carts on craigslist and at yardsales for weeks but none of them stood out to me. Finally, I decided I would ask around to see if anyone had anything similar to what I was looking for. I happened to mention it to my aunt who said she had one in her backyard behind her shed, and was ready to get rid of it! As soon as I saw it loaded with leaves, dirt and cob webs...I was in spoke to me! (for all those interior designers out there you know what I'm talking about it!) I took it home and the very next day I began the transformation by cleaning it thoroughly and spraying it gold...I used Rustoleum Spray paint in Pure Gold from Home Depot. I pulled out my pile of bar cart accessories I had been saving for quite some time and started styling away. Here are some tips for styling your cart.....(remember to personalize your cart..make it that piece everyone talks about!)

-Vintage milk glass pieces (thrift store, flea markets)
-Limes and lemons
-Glasses depending on what your serving (ex. champagne flutes for mimosas and wine glasses for     wine)
-Pitcher for mixers (ex. orange juice, lemonade, sprite)
-Grenadine or lemon juice
-Towel (similar here)
-Coasters (check your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls)
-Napkins (check your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls)
-Small nut bowls (here)
-Bowls for lemons (here)
-Stirrers (Flamingo here, a little secret about the red heart stirrers...there from southwest airlines complimentary coffee shhh!!!)
-Striped Straws here
-Drink accessories/markers (Umbrellas here)
-Vintage liquor bottle (thrift store, flea market)
-Fake flowers (Michaels craft store) or try real ones (if you were born with a green thumb, unlike myself)
-San Pellegrino sparkling water (wegmans/wholefoods)
-Chalkboard for menu (thrift store/make your own!)
-Cocktail books (hereherehere)

If you want to make the BAR flower letters simply buy paper mache letters from your local craft store, as well as, your favorite fake flowers. Pull the flowers off the stems, arrange them on the letters and hot's that easy! 

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