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How to experience Cali in 5 days.

Before California, I was overwhelmed with all the places I wanted to go. I sat down for hours upon hours...days even, researching popular areas in California, shops and restaurants. I finally came up with a "tentative" schedule for the time I was there....I was there for 11 days but I figured out I was able to see so much in only about 5 worked for me so I thought I'd share with you. I've been to California about 8 times since I was young and I feel like this time I've accomplished more than helps when you do your homework! Enjoy the beautiful state of'll never want to come back!! (scroll to the bottom for other places to visit and cupcake shops!)

Day 1:
Leave Lax airport and head straight to In N’ Out Burger (I know your hungry 
after that flight!)...make sure you order double double animal style, but don’t stop there...
Randy’s Donuts is right around the corner! After those warm donuts, take a drive to Manhattan 
Beach and walk the some shopping (specifically Heavenly Couture, everything is 
$16 and under). Take a drive to Palos Verdes (PV) and check out the breathtaking views of the 
Mountains and water. For a light dinner, head to Hermosa Beach and check out 
American Junkie (I recommend there margarita pizza and colossal mimosas!) Need Dessert?
Manhattan Beach Creamery is there for velvet icecream too!

Day 2:

Today, were taking a trip to Venice Beach and Santa Monica Third Street Promenade.
In Venice, go check out the Venice Canals featured in the movie Valentines Day...snap
pictures on the beautiful bridge. Next, walk down to the crazy crowds on the Venice
Boardwalk....maybe even get your workout on at muscle beach. Before you leave, grab a
quick bite at one of the food trucks and watch some skating at the skatepark. Now lets
do some shopping...third street promenade here we come. Obviously stop at Brandy
Melville, very affordable and unique clothing...cotton on is right across the street too! Sit
down and watch the street performers...keep an eye out for the skateboarding bulldogs! If
you have some energy left, take a walk on the santa monica pier, ride the fariswheel. If
your interested, Ruth Handlers pink and purple house (the inventer of Barbie) is right
around the corner!

Day 3:

Hollywood here we come! First stop, Griffith Observatory..not only do you see the 
Hollywood sign, but you view the entire city of Los Angeles. From there, you can visit the
Hollywood walk of fame or take a star house tour. Personally, I really enjoyed the runyon
canyon’s super sandy (don’t wear good shoes!) but the view from up top is worth it. 
Rodeo Drive is also something to think about while your in the area, check out some really
expensive cars, stores and the pretty woman hotel. If your hungry, swing over to sharkys 
and grab some tacos....for dessert, do yourself a favor and go to the sprinkles cupcake
ATM! But save room because right next door is sprinkles icecream and your gonnna want
 a red velvet cone with captain crunch and red velvet icecream (there’s chunks of red 
velvet cupcake inside!) If your still up for something to do swing over to eat, see and hear, movies in 
the park. Hungry still!??? Pinks Hotdogs is open till 3:00 am!

Day 4:

I know you’ve been running around, but look how much you’ve seen! Today,
were going to San Francisco (yup I said it, a 10 hour drive up the coast of
California!) Ok, it’s a little long but you won’t wanna put your camera down..
and there are many fun places to stop along the way. First Stop, San Lois Obispo
..the happiest city in the USA. If your hungry find the apple tree farm and
order there chicken pot pie. Second Stop, Morro Bay...a tiny seaside town with
 seals, otters and red squrriels. If your not familar with red squrriels...your
kind of missing out. These squrriels befriend you and beg for food..feed them
some whales chedder crackers from trader joes and you’ll have them eating
out of the palm of your hand (literally). A few miles down the road your in
wine country. If you want, you can stop for some wine or berry tasting!
The hearst Castle is close by, as well as, the absolutely tremendous elephant
seals on the side of the coast. Keep in mind of the time, you’ll want to see it all
in the daylight. Get ready for the Big Sur because although it’s breathtaking, it
is also nerve-wracking, considering your driving on the side of a mountain for
about 2 hours....make sure to take lots of pictures at the mile posts! For
dinner, stop in Carmel at the Hogs Breath Inn restaurant and hit Monteray after for
hot, homemade cinnamon rolls. At this point, you can keep going for another
two hours and finish the trip or you can take a pit stop for the night at a local
hotel. It’s goodnight for me, see you in the morning!

Day 5:

Ok guys, we have so much to see today so bare with me.  Head
straight for Jane, a local coffee and breakfast shop on Fillmore Ave. Grab a
fruit bowl and a hot cup of coffee to start your day off right. Right across the
 street you’ll see an adorable cupcake store called’s ok to have cupcakes
cupcakes for breakfast according to’ll thank me later. At this point,
you’ll need to find a trolley car (ride along the side, but watch for passing cars!)
If your into the tourist attractions, San Francisco is famous for the crookiedest
street, painted lady houses (featured in Full House), the Golden Gate Bridge and
Alcatraz. San Fran is also known for their sourdough bread, so you may just
wanna stock up before you leave. If your looking for something to eat in the
area, you’ll love the world famous Irish Pub, Bueno Vista.. the first place in the
states  to serve up delicious Irish coffee...stick around after dinner and enjoy a
smooth, creamy blend of coffee, aged cream, and whiskey (watch them prepare it!)

Here are a few substitutions for those 5 days....
-San Diego
-San Diego Zoo
-Long Beach
-Newport Beach
-Napa Valley
-Universal Studies

Cupcake Shops:
-SusieCakes here
-Sprinkles Cupcake ATM here
-Sift Cupcakes here
-Kara's Cupcakes here
-Mission Mini's here
-Casey's Cupcakes here
-Becker's here
-Frosted Cupcakery here
-Yummy Cupcakes here
-Crumbs Bake Shop here
-Georgetown Cupcakes here
-Magnolia Cupcakes here

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