Friday, July 5, 2013

DIY Outdoor/Indoor Cushion

I found this DIY through the theglitterguide girls and was obsessed with how easy and adorable it was! 
You'll need:
  1. Cushion (I got mine from Ikea but you can find a piece of foam at hobby lobby for $2)
  2. Yarn 
  3. Fabric glue
  4. Fabric scissors
  5. Hot glue gun

Lay out your fabric and place the cushion/foam in the middle....use your scissors to cut off excess. 

This is where your fabric glue comes to use, fold the fabric in half and glue the two pieces together. 

Fold the fabric like a present....found this to be the easiest technique. 

Add pom-poms to the corners. 

TA-DA!! Use it for outdoor rocking chairs, 

picnics in the grass,

or to brighten up your boring desk chair! 
If you try this DIY please send me a picture, I would love to see the result!

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