Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dresser Re-Vamp - A Pop of Coral

Here's a chance to re-vamp that old dresser you've had sitting in the back of your basement. With four simple steps, your out-dated dresser can be the "pop of color" your room needed. 

You'll Need:
- Sanding tool 
-Primer (I used Kilz 2)
-Spray Paint ( I used Rust-Oleum in Metallic Pure Gold)

Sand your surface down to create a clean, smooth base for your primer.

Apply one coat of Kilz Primer, you don't need to worry about a second coat. 

For me, picking out the right paint is the most tedious step. I brought home about 15 paint samples (thank goodness there free!) and taped them to the wall in my bedroom. I am not exaggerating when I say that I stared at them on and off for about a week! I found that by looking at pinterest and magazines I could pull out the color inspiration that I wanted. Finally, I came across coral gables...the perfect coral color in my opinion. Coral Gables has a bit of pink and a bit of peach, just the right amount for a pop of color. 

I used a small foam roller so that I was able to get into the small creases and details of the dresser. 

Spray Paint the handles.....

& Viola! your done!

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