Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Used Furniture Store Fridays & Decorating Tips

(Sorry for the mess in the background, oops!)

I love going to used furniture stores, especially when you find something that special something you've been looking for! This past Friday I went to a local furniture store and found this vintage mirrored gem. The top middle drawer was cracked so it was on sale for $80!! I ended up just taking the drawer to a glass shop and they fixed it for $20. I decided to opt out of the beveled feature on the rest of the drawers, it would have been $100 more! The dresser is so romantic and girly, it really completes my bedroom. If you have some free time this weekend check out your local used furniture stores....the fixer-uppers are the best pieces!

Decorating tips for used furniture:
  • spray paint to hide the imperfections or to give the piece a pop of color (steal wool is your best friend when your using spray paint)
  • add new knobs, check out hobby lobby for some fun designs
  • sand the piece all over to give a rustic/vintage feeling
  • if you find a chair or an old couch, add new fabric and nail heads to make them a beautiful conversation piece
  • go to your local glass shop and add mirrored tiles to your drawers

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