Sunday, February 10, 2013

Desk Etiquette

I will never be completely "finished" with my desk space, I am constantly rearranging and re-decorating...but I think I am happy with this little space right now. I got this desk from Ikea, unfortunately they don't sell this exact model anymore, however, here is one that's pretty similar. The organizational boxes are also from Ikea, as well as, the white chair. The bulletin board is from Home Goods, it was originally black but I ended up spray painting it gold. 

I just recently found this gem from Michael's! Which means if your reading this now, it's available in stores and it's 40% off now! This piece can be used as a plain decoration or in this case, a candle's so pretty at night! 

I have a little obsession with milk glass, I just can't get enough of it. I stole these pieces from my grandma's collection, can you believe she wanted to get rid of them? She was shocked when I told her milk glass is really popular and hard to find! I obviously love my washi tape as well, I got these from etsy but Michael's sells their own version now....go check out the fun patterns, I believe they were around $5 and don't forget your mobile coupons!

I just received this cocktail book off of amazon for $7 and I believe cupcakes and cashmere is still on amazon as well. Love both of these books! 


I bought the white thrifted vase for $1 and found a bouquet of flowers for $ defiantly brightened the corner of my desk. I bought the Victoria Beckham and Lauren Conrad book off of amazon for a very good deal...both used and in perfect condition. The acrylic tape dispenser was from staples a few years ago, here's one just like it here. The mermaid paper weight was from etsy, I spray painted it gold to match the rest of my gold obsession. 

I had to bring a little valentines decor onto my desk....The white vase was from a vintage boutique, so if your interested in this piece I would suggest going out "boutiquing" with your girlfriends. The glass piece is actually a tea-light candle holder from ikea, here...only $1.99. Of course I had to buy Hershey kisses from the adorable valentines day section at kiss just satisfies my sweet tooth at night. The red and pink paper clips were from the desk organization section at target, $3.00 for a pack of 40. 

My inspiration board....add a little each time I get a new magazine. 

My happy place. 


  1. Love your space! I totally wanna have a bulliten board now!

    1. Thankyou so much, you should defiantly try to find one at Home Goods!