Saturday, October 27, 2012

Beauty is Pain

OOTD: Sweater (DIY Heart Elbow Pads), Collar (DIY Collar),  Knee High Socks ( Forever21 $5), Suede Wedges (Tj Max $50), Bow Crossbody Clutch (Southmoonunder $48)

Yes, I was in extreme pain at this point in the day, these wedges were not made for walkin'....good things I grabbed noodles and company mac & cheese to go!


  1. cute look! haha i have def had my share of outfit photos in extreme pain too... :) all worth it of course. xoxo linds {{}}

    1. Thankyou..sorry this reply is so late, I had no idea I had to check my gmail account! I will check out your blog!