Saturday, September 22, 2012

I have been working on my room for the entire summer, I finially feel like I've accomplished something. Although, I don't think I'll ever be fully satisfied. I can thank pinterest for my impulsive diy crafting.

On a side note, I don't want people to get the impression I am putting these pictures up to "brag" about my room. I want people to be able to get ideas and have something to look at when their designing a special space. I get so excited when I see home decor posts from my fellow bloggers. I am hoping you will enjoy the same excitement as I do.

Friendly tips: I really do pride myself on my "thrifting technique", I rarely splurge on home decor items. I buy many of my items from amazon, ebay, ikea, target and walmart. I try to redesign things I already have and create things I don't have...micheals is my go-to store. I also take advantage of every coupon out there; you can save a ton of money!

I love finding books at goodwill, there the cheapest decoration!
 (The adorable blue teacup is from Ikea $3)

Thrifted milk glass can turn into an adorable pencil holder.

I am quite the is better with a little color.

This white bowl is from a antique store in downtown in ellicott city ($7)
Starbursts are one of my go-to sweets, they totally hit my sweet tooth.

A pretty pink notebook and a gold pencil, makes me smile :)
(Pink notebook-martha stewart at staples $3 with coupon)

Washi tape, need I say more....I decorate everything from calendars, plates, picture frames, makeup brushes and this tray below...

DIY chevron tray made with washi tape ($5) my favorite anthropologie initial mug ($5), mermaid paper weight from amazon ($8), an old antique pencil sharpener (found in the back on my basement!)

Glass vase I bought from target ($5), rocks from ikea ($3), target candle ($10 not positive, I couldn't find it on the target website sorry!), Chevron DIY plate ($3), Rachel Zoe style book (amazon, $7)

The only item I will splurge on for my bedroom, is an iMac desktop. My computer crashed and I have always wanted to buy an iMac. In order to this, I have been selling my jewelry and collecting coins. Check out my blog post on how to save for something special!!

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